Nathalie Camoin-Chanet

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nathaliecamoinchanet_biographiephoto« Nathalie Camoin-Chanet’s sculpture demonstrates the perfect alliance between the construction and mastery of pure lines creating abstractive dynamics and the powerful sensuality of figurative forms which dig deep into our emotions ».


Born in 65 and raised in Bordeaux, Nathalie Camoin-Chanet develops a precocious interest for art. While pursuing her studies she starts attending modeling and ceramics workshops in Bordeaux. There she unveils her sensitivity for the human body which she has been tirelessly refining ever since.

In 88 she starts studying with the sculptor Séraphin Beneitez who teaches her the fundamentals of stone sculpting. That same year she obtained the “Premier Prix de Sculpture du Conseil Général de la Gironde”. This induces her to become a full time artist. She then moves to and settles down in Paris and, step by step, develops her own style, reaching beyond her acquired academic values.

Upon her arrival in Paris, she takes part in and organizes numerous exhibitions and also teaches many sculpture workshops for children and adults. At that time she would create clay models and make her own molding. In the mid 90’s, Nathalie broadens the scope of materials used for her work. Through wax and bronze she plugs into the “sacred” realm of art foundry, where, after undergoing several transformations, the sculptures are born. Nathalie Camoin-Chanet now loves being in her workshop as much as at the foundry.

She enjoys sharing with the foundry team the different stages of a work of art creation: wax adjustments, the fascinating moment of mold casting with the molding specialists, harmonizing the color of a sculpture with the patina team, all this to achieve, through hard demanding work, a delicate and unique work of art reflecting the sensitivity of the artist.

Nathalie Camoin-Chanet’s sculptures express finesse and sensuality that particularly show in her bronzes through a subtle mastery of the lines that rhythmically addresses our emotions. It also comprises monumental sculptures that, thanks to the use of composite material, enable her to project an aerial vision of exceptional elegance.


« Nathalie Camoin-Chanet’s sculptures translate the esthetics of movement into a purified gesture, into the color and geometry of a symbolic language carried out by works of art created in our brain and performed by our body ».

Sellig Niomac


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